“Why a Geriatric Care Manager?

Now in the early stages of dementia mom needed supervision with her medications, meals, housekeeping and personal hygiene.  In her state of confusion, mom just wasn’t safe alone anymore.  I wanted the best answers to my questions so I turned to the legal experts at Elder Law Offices of Barry Meyers.  During the process of getting Mom’s Will, Power of Attorney and other matters prepared, I was also introduced to their Geriatric Care Manager, Kaaran Anderson.

Upon Learning about the services that a GCM provides, I realized it was exactly what we needed to help sort out all the options of care available and choose the right one for mom.  Kaaran is also a RN with the skills and knowledge base it takes to find the best solution for your elder care needs.  She makes things very understandable and explains all available options with their long and short term expectations. Using her many connections to the local care community and skills of negotiation, Kaaran soon helped us find the right solution for mom where she is now happier, comfortable and safe.

The services offered by a GCM can save you much anxiety and wasted time than trying to experiment on your own.  If you are facing the dilemma of caring for an aging parent or family member like I was, Kaaran is the first person you should see.”

Rob (August 2017)

“Kaaran Anderson’s professional background, interpersonal skills, and her knowledge of dementia were key to helping navigate our stressful journey.  Her participation helped me make informed decisions regarding available local services, physicians and medicine options, and a range of other concerns.  I am grateful for her counsel, guidance and compassion.”

Kathy D. (May 2019)

“The peace of mind our family experienced having Kaaran as our mothers Geriatric Care Manager over the past 5 years has been priceless. As with many modern families most of her children live out of state. Kaaran kept all of us informed on how things were going with our mothers medical care. Anytime she was hospitalized, Kaaran was there in person to advocate for her and help coordinate our mother’s care. When we couldn’t be there, she was a single point of contact we could rely on to keep us informed. Kaaran’s oversight was not only during hospitalizations, but also while mom was living on her own. Kaaran knew her doctors and would be at appointments with mom. I don’t think our mother would have been able to live independently until her recent death if it hadn’t been for Kaaran’s excellent coordination of her health care. Whether it was knowing when to notify us of concerns, or just the two of them sorting through whatever health issues mom needed to talk about. Having Kaaran there at the end of her life was a great gift, and now even after she is gone, Kaaran continues to really care.

I highly recommend Kaaran to anyone who wants to have their parent or loved ones under the protective and caring watch of someone who knows how to navigate the health care system, and who cares about people.”

Lucia L. (August 2019)

“Kaaran proactively built a relationship of trust and caring with all of us from the beginning that proved invaluable when my mother-in-law broke her hip.  Kaaran was the gentle voice of reassurance and knowledgeable guidance helping us get the best care possible for our mother at an overwhelming time.  She was the angel we needed to hold our hand and show us the way!”

Krista and J (July 2017)

“I visited with Kaaran Anderson about the medication mom was receiving at her nursing facility, among other things.  Kaaran’s knowledge and expertise gave me the confidence to approach the Director of Nursing at the nursing home.  Whereupon the medication was adjusted immediately.  Had I not seen Kaaran first, I would not have had the understanding I needed to advocate for my mom’s best interests.  I would highly recommend you see Kaaran about any concerns you may have about a loved one in long term care.”

Jaime G. (June 2015)

“Thank you very much! Our family cannot thank you enough for all your help with getting the estate put together where it needed to be. Your firm and staff was a true asset to us during a very trying time and never once did we feel let down!”

Dana  D. (December 2014)

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