Geriatric Care Management

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?
A Geriatric Care Manager is a professional, such as a social worker, nurse, or gerontologist, specializing in assisting older people and their families to attain the highest quality of life, given their circumstances.
The Geriatric Care Manager serves as an experienced guide and resource for families caring for adult friends and family members with dementia (Alzheimer’s or other types), Parkinson’s and other chronic health conditions.

What Does a Geriatric Care Manager Do?
Our Geriatric Care Managers meet with elders and their family members and listen to their concerns. We combine their ideas and information with our professional expertise to find effective solutions for each unique situation. Our role is that of a facilitator and advocate, connecting clients and families with services, support and education. We provide you with the tools and information you need to make informed decisions about your options.

Our Geriatric Care Managers are experienced professionals who have achieved advanced degrees or certifications in social work or nursing. They abide by strict professional codes of ethics and do not accept any gifts, referral fees, commissions or kickbacks from any facility, provider, or other entity or organization. This policy helps us ensure unbiased information.

Our services include:

  • Consultations
  • Home visits
  • Assessments
  • Individualized Care Plans
  • On-going advocacy and support
  • Preventing senior scams
  • Long Term Care Insurance questions and navigating activation

Kaaran McCrea, RN,
Geriatric Care Manager

When Is the Right Time to Call Our Geriatric Care Manager?


A Geriatric Care Manger is the ideal person to call to help you figure out what the best options might be for an elderly, disabled family member or yourself. People usually call us when there has been a change in health or cognitive status which has upset the balance of their independence. Getting started before a complete crisis occurs is ideal as it gives us time to explore options without the overlay of time constraints and stress of an emergency.

When you live far away:

Families, spread out all across the United States and the world, worry about their elderly family members. Distance makes it hard to identify good local services and know what is really going on with elderly family members. The Geriatric Care Manager communicates with long distance family members acting as their “eyes and ears” on the ground and provides objective viewpoints and helps identify what can be done to make the situation better.

In a Crisis:

Every situation is unique. Sometimes meeting with a care manager in advance of a crisis just isn’t possible. It is never too late to call in a Geriatric Care Manager. If your elderly relative has a significant change in ability to care for his or her self or others, is hospitalized, or is refusing care, the Geriatric Care Manager can work quickly with the elder and family, assess the situation, identify community resources, and help find solutions.

When Family Members Disagree:

A crisis in the care of an elderly or disabled family member can cause long simmering differences between family members to surface. The Geriatric Care Manager has a strong background and understanding of the dynamics unique to the aging family. The Geriatric Care Manager uses training and skills gained from many years of experience to negotiate with family members and work to resolve disagreements in a way that serves the best interests of the elderly client.

How Do We Charge for These Services?
The services of our Geriatric Care Managers are charged at an hourly rate.

How to Get Started
Please call us at (360) 647-8846 to see whether a Geriatric Care Manager is right for you. You may also send an e-mail to: [email protected].